2018 faculty Information

ETSI 2018 Faculty Information

Essential Information and Forms for 2018 ETSI faculty

This page contains the program schedule, essential instructions, and required forms that must be completed by the 2018 ETSI faculty. Information on Indian visa, ticketing and traveling will be posted at appropriate times.

1. Program Schedule for 2018 ETSI Summer Intensive

The course schedule and suggested itinerary for 2018 ETSI Summer Intensive Program for the monastics can be accessed from the following links.

2. Mandatory Forms

The faculty are strongly requested to fill and submit the following forms within a week of receiving confirmation from their Team Leader.

a. Emergency Contact Information Form

Download this form to provide your contact information and that of someone who can be contacted in an emergency. Also include information for your spouse/partner if you think they may be accompanying you to India. Please e-mail the completed form to: tsetan.d@emory.edu and copy Karma Tenzin karmatenzin@emory.edu on your e-mail. (Be sure to list your name as shown in your passport.) Depending on your browser settings, this document may either automatically download to your computer, or you may be asked to select an application to read it.

b. Protected Area Permit (PAP) Application Form

All the Tibetan refugee settlements established in India are classified as Protected Areas by the Government of India. Foreign nationals who wish to visit the monasteries that are located in the Tibetan settlements must have an approved PAP from the Government of India. Obtaining PAP approval takes 3-4 months.

  • Download (PAP form pdf) and fill page 3. Instructions on how to fill the form are on page 1 and 2.
  • To send the documents via email: Print, sign, and scan the completed form (page 3). Email the scanned copy, along with a copy of your passport's biographical page, and an ID photo (jpg, 2"X2") to tsetan.d@emory.edu and copy Karma Tenzin karmatenzin@emory.edu on your email.
  • To send the document via mail: Print and sign the completed form (page 3). Send only the completed PAP form and a copy of your passport's biographical page to our office address below. The ID photo (jpg, 2"X2") must be sent via email to tsetan.d@emory.edu and copy Karma Tenzin karmatenzin@emory.edu on your email.
  • Mailing Address: Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, Mailstop: ETSI-1599-001-1CB, 1599 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30322

Note: Because of the lengthy PAP processing time, if there is any possibility that your spouse/partner may be joining you at the monastery, he/she must submit a separate signed PAP form and other above mentioned documents with yours.

Depending on your browser settings, this document may either automatically download to your computer, or you may be asked to select an application to read it.  As it is a fillable PDF form, you must download it to your computer and complete it.

c. Liability Waiver (online) Form

Emory University's General Counsel requires all participants in overseas programs to sign liability waivers. This is an online form: please read, answer couple of brief questions, and electronically sign. Spouse/partners accompanying faculty members must sign the form designated for spouses/partners. They should not use the form for faculty members.

1. Liability Waiver form for ETSI faculty members and staff traveling to India

2. Liability Waiver form for Spouses/Partners of ETSI faculty members traveling to India

3. Instructions for Submitting Indian Visa Application

Please download these three forms with information and instructions for applying for an Indian visa if you are in the Atlanta counsulate jurisdiction:

Visa Application Instructions for Atlanta Jurisdiction

Particulars Form

CKGS Disclaimer

4. Travel Instructions

Travel instructions for 2018 are available for download here: ETSI Travel Instructions.

5. Helpful Travel Related Information

Please download helpful information on health, immunizations and other medical recommendations here: Health Info.

6. Recommended Readings for All ETSI Faculty

Click on this link to download recommended readings. This site is password protected.  If you do not have the password, please contact tsetan.d@emory.edu

7. Syllabi for the Summer Intensive Course

1. Biology Syllabus

2. Neuroscience Syllabus

3. Physics Syllabus