February 2022 - Successful Completion of the ETSI’s 13th Annual Translation Conference

ETSI hosted its 13th International Conference on Standardizing Scientific Terms in Tibetan from February 7th to 18th. Eighteen scholars, science teachers, Tibetan medical doctors, and science translators from eleven institutions, including the Terminology Section of the Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration, the Science Department of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, and the Medical Department of Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (CIHTS) Sarnath, participated in the virtual conference. The participants met two hours a day for ten days and standardized the Tibetan translation of 340 terms from the philosophy of science, neuroscience, pedagogy, research methodology, and SEE Learning. The technical terms were drawn from the ETSI’s latest translation works, the teaching materials for the Sustainability Phase programs, and other educational content. The newly finalized terms will be added to the ETSI’s collection of over 5500 scientific terms in Tibetan that have been standardized in the last twelve years. These terms are available on the ETSI website. Commenting on the conference, Dr. Tashi Dawa from CIHTS Sarnath, India, expressed his utmost appreciation for the presence of “expertise from the different backgrounds giving their best inputs.” Mr. Duke Tsering, the principal of TCV Selakui, India, wrote the experience was “intensive but meaningful. It made me think deeply to stimulate my latent memories to surface for usage. In addition, it triggered active listening and focused Googling, all adding up to a meaningful experience!”