The Tenzin Gyatso Science Scholars Program is a remarkable endeavor designed to create indigenous, Tibetan monastic, science teachers by providing additional science training at the university level.  Every two years a cohort of six monks from various monasteries is chosen for a four-semester residency at Emory College. During this time the Science Scholars take science courses alongside undergraduate students and to optimize their Emory experience, they receive individualized instruction in science and mathematics from ETSI faculty members, and additional tutoring in English.

Once the monks complete their residency at Emory, they return to their monasteries to lead science classes for their fellow monastics. Key to the success of ETSI, the Tenzin Gyatso Science Scholars serve as liaisons between Emory and their home institutions, help coordinate logistics for the Summer Intensives, and serve as teaching assistants to the Emory faculty members implementing the ETSI curriculum in India.


In addition to their attendance in academic courses, the Tenzin Gyatso Science Scholars—colloquially dubbed "the science monks"— have become both a familiar and warmly received presence on campus. Developing many close friendships with faculty, staff and other students, they are highly regarded cross-cultural ambassadors sharing their unique Tibetan heritage with the Emory community.

The Tenzin Gyatso Science Scholars Program is made possible by support from the Dalai Lama Trust and Emory College of Arts and Sciences.


Cohort 1 - Fall 2010 - Spring 2013
Cohort 2 - Fall 2013 - Spring 2015
Cohort 3 - Fall 2015 - Spring 2017
Cohort 4 - Fall 2017 - Spring 2019
Current cohort - Fall 2019 - Fall 2021