The Emory-Tibet Science Initiative is committed to bringing together the best of the Western and Tibetan Buddhist intellectual traditions for the creation, development and dissemination of knowledge and practices that will benefit humanity. Recognizing the tremendous potential in the cross-fertilization of ancient Tibetan wisdom and modern scientific understanding, the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative fosters the genuine interchange of people and ideas.  By originating and facilitating innovative programs that investigate, bridge, and expand our knowledge of both the inner and outer worlds, the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative seeks to make a lasting contribution to human flourishing through the education of both heart and mind.

I deeply value my close association with Emory University and have always appreciated Emory's leading role in developing innovative programs that draw on the strengths of Tibetan and Western civilizations for the mutual enrichment of our two traditions. - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama